August 2019 Advocate of the Month

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Rosanne Plante - FUAN August 2019 ADVOCATE OF THE MONTH
Rosanne Plante-FUAN Advocate of the Month-August 2019

Families United Action Network wants to recognize Rosanne Plante, J.D. as FUANs August 2019 Advocate of the Month. Rosanne is an Iowa attorney with over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles. She is also a legal consultant, educator, and devotes her time and talents to numerous professional and charitable organizations.  

In early 2017, Rosanne received a ruling from Judge Edward Jacobson that she suspected may not have been authored by the court. In a December 2017 deposition, Edward Jacobson admitted he had directed an attorney to write the final ruling in cases, “A couple of hundred times.” The ruling was unusual because the judge’s request was made to only one attorney in the matter and by email.  

In March 2018, Rosanne secured a meeting with the Iowa Attorney General and asked him to investigate the matter. Subsequently, on March 28th, 2018 an “APPOINTMENT OF INDEPENDENT REVIEWERS TO CONDUCT A SYSTEMS ANALYSIS OF PROPOSED ORDERS BY A JUDICIAL OFFICER IN THE THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT” was issued. 

On June 1st, 2018, the report was filed and found the following. “Although the vast majority of Judge Jacobson’s cases were resolved in an appropriate manner, he improperly used proposed orders from a litigant as the final order of the court, without opposing counsel’s knowledge, on at least thirteen occasions.”  

Since the report was issued, Rosanne has worked diligently with many of the individuals on the list of thirteen to overturn the ghostwritten opinions. Each case she has taken on for a client or another judge was successfully mediated, and the previous order was overturned.

Client by client, Rosanne is changing the trajectory of life for Iowa families. Her goal is to make sure Iowa families have a fair day in court in all ways ensured by the Iowa and Federal constitutions.

Global Beauty Awards-Rosanne Plante

Rosanne is also a Certified Iowa Master Gardener since 2004. She has been awarded lifetime achievement awards for ten-years and more than five hundred community service hours. 

Rosanne and Chad Plante

She is also a new and outspoken advocate for the survivors of traumatic brain injury since her husband sustained such an injury in November of 2016. She has been her husband’s sole caregiver and support. 

Rosanne received a nomination from the Global Beauty Awards this year in the category of “Best Story/Most Impactful” for her work on behalf of TBI survivors and their families. 

Rosanne Plante & Her Dog

Rosanne and her husband Chad have been married for five years. They are proud pet parents to their rescue dog, Princess Bella. 

Families United Action Network is proud to have Rosanne associated with our organization and congratulate her on being voted FUAN August 2019 Advocate of the Month. 

Attend the FUAN Legislative Family Forum September 21, 2019
Be sure to attend the FUAN Family Legislative Forum in Denison, IA, on September 21st, 2019. Meet Rosanne live and in person as she will be helping to unveil the FUAN 2020 Family Preservation Legislative recommendations.
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