August 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month – Kyle Paskewitz

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August 2017 FUAN Advocate of the Month - Kyle Paskewitz

Kyle Paskewitz is August’s Families United Action Network’s “FUAN Advocate of the Month.“ We have chosen him because of his national efforts in the overall Family Law Reform movement, his incredible networking skills, and as of late his passionate dedication to be one of the most active of many parents nationwide to help organize the “Million Parent March 2017.”

The Million Parent March begins on September 17, 2017

Kyle Paskewitz is an Army veteran, entrepreneur, businessman, and the founder of Family Court Reform USA. Kyle first became aware of the inefficiencies of the family court system through his divorce and custody dispute, which is currently in its sixth year of litigation. Through his quest to have his fundamental rights and equal access to his children upheld, as well as networking with thousands of other parents across the country fighting similar battles, he has become keenly aware of the long-term consequences that impact our families, our children, and future generations.

It is Kyle's goal and mission to raise national awareness about these detrimental issues in the family court system and its related agencies and players, to propose, develop, and implement solutions that better protect our families and children, and have our fundamental parental rights upheld and protected.

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