April 2020 FUAN Advocate of the Month

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FUAN Advocate of the Month - April 2020

Congratulations to Jesse Cickavage for being named the April 2020 FUAN Advocate of the Month. He has been very active in helping to spread education and awareness through social media and in-person interactions.

Today, FUAN, as well as the world, are adrift in the uncharted waters of COVID-19. To his credit, Jesse has taken it upon himself to come up with a personal project to help raise funds to continue to spread the message of Family Law Reform during these uncertain times. 

Jesse Cickavage is a FUAN Family Participant. The “war stories” from his divorce are the reason he joined FUAN to help make changes in our laws. He was born in Arizona and lived with his grandparents growing up in Ponsford, Minnesota, a small unincorporated town in northern Minnesota population 765. It was the perfect place to pursue his interests in fishing, hunting, making things, doing mechanical repairs on cars, semi-trucks, and even lawnmowers. He enjoyed working with his hands.

Jesse graduated from North Dakota State University in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Agricultural and Power Systems Engineering, with an emphasis on machinery design. While he attended college at NDSU, he worked as a welder/fabricator for a small aerospace company for nine years.

Jesse then started a small business, a welding and fabricating shop, Cickavage Fabrication LLC. Jesse left North Dakota after he graduated from NDSU in late 2015 in pursuit of a job in the Waterloo area as an engineer. He moved his welding and fabricating business from North Dakota to Iowa.

Jesse lives in the country by New Hartford, IA. He's a parent to three kids, a two-year-old son, and two daughters aged four and eight. They live in Cedar Falls, 20 minutes from Jesse. They enjoy building things with him, art, playing outside, movies, going to restaurants, horseback riding, and visiting family in Minnesota.

Jesse became interested in Family Law Reform after he went through a very emotionally draining experience burdened with what he felt were injustices by the Family Courts. This experience created his interest in Family Law Reform efforts like:

  • Shared Parenting becomes the standard custodial starting point for divorces.
  • Child support reform with a focus on meeting the needs of the children as a goal instead of charging non-custodial parents their entire monthly income. In this way, both parents would be more financially independent of one another.
  • Civil Domestic Abuse law reform in Iowa changed from a “preponderance of the evidence” standard to the criminal standard “beyond a reasonable doubt.” 

Because of support FUAN has given Jesse, he began looking for ways to return that help. FUAN Participants say volunteering time and becoming an Active Committee Participant is “as good or better than your money.” So, when Jesse received a unique boat for free from one of his friends, a 1959 Naden, he knew what he wanted to do. In his business, Jesse works modifying and repairing boats continuously, so he decided to put his time to use fixing up the boat. 

Jesse plans to hold a raffle for the boat and donate the proceeds to FUAN. He still needs some help. He needs a boat trailer that is compatible with a 17.5-foot semi-v bottom boat. The boat also needs a 50 to 85 horsepower outboard boat motor. Finally, is there someone willing to help repaint it? 

This effort will help fund and advertise FUAN as it is to be donated and raffled off to a lucky FUAN Family Participant. As Jesse says, “People need to hear about FUAN before a divorce; not afterward.”

For his generosity and support, we commend Jesse Cickavage. We are proud to announce he is named FUANs April 2020 Advocate of the Month. Congratulations, Jesse!

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