About Families United Action Network.

Welcome to the crusade for Iowa's Children and Families! We're glad to see you here!

Since 2015, FUANs efforts for our mission protecting children and families both here in Iowa and the nation have produced results by building a large network of like-minded people.

Family United the Action Network (FUAN) is based in Des Moines, Iowa. Our goal is to be a catalyst for changing legislation here in Iowa and the United States.

We also want the world to become more aware of family law issues to help preserve and protect children and families wherever they live.

We've been working hard to create the structure for our nonprofit organization to help us people who have been adversely effected by outdated family laws, recruit individual and business sponsoring members, and become a trusted resource for people who lobby for legislative changes.

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Hello Family Law Crusaders.

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By now, you're surely aware of the many issues about family law reform needing to be addressed. The recent tragic deaths of Sabrina Ray, Natalie Finn, and others are cause for alarm.

Many groups are fighting for many different, but vital, parts of family law reform reform. We also found these areas have a degree of overlapping areas of concern.

Too often, these people felt like lone-wolves wandering all alone in the DHS/CPS regulatory maze. We hope they fell less alone now.

FUAN has gathered groups supporting changes in family law related issues.  For example:

  • Parental Alienation 
  • Parental Kidnapping 
  • Alimony Reform 
  • Visitation Rights 
  • DHS/CPS Reform 
  • Fathers', Mothers', Grandparents, Gender Rights 
  • Extended Family Visitation Rights 
  • and other issues related to overall family law reform 

We understand there is strength in unity. We are much stronger together than we are separate!

Unfortunately, caring is not enough. Money and numbers is how the game must be played. Uniting people and unifying our message is the best way to fight for all of these causes all at once.

One person...You... can make a difference! 

Join Families United Action Network so our voices cannot be ignored and our reforms will be made into law. 

Mission and Values.

To Preserve and Protect Children and Families Through Repairing and Rebuilding Current Structures and Organizations To Create a Solid Foundation for Iowa's Families Now and For Future Generations.
We will gather groups from all family law related areas and work together to update and reform overall family law. Together, we are a much stronger force for change than we are apart!

Our children are the future. Too often they are damaged by parents who use them as pawns in a power struggle before, during and after divorce.

Our kids need ways to not feel alienated by their parents. Parents often need to grow up and put their children's needs before their own.

The rights of the extended family are important for the child's development  too. We support rights for Grandparents, Siblings, Aunt and Uncles, and other family members who have a stake in the child's well-being.

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A Message For You From FUAN.

by Nicholas Dreeszen – President.

Hi. I don't need a law degree to see that our family law legal system needs reform and updating from top to bottom. 

Through trial and error, I have learned how to be successful by learning lessons from failure, getting back up, and persevering in new ways with new insight. 

“Thinking outside of the box” is a trite phrase for describing creative solutions to standard problems, yet those are the ideas I'm looking for.

New and innovative solutions are needed in order to make family law... and especially the DHS and CPS responsive to the needs of modern families.

I'm often disappointed by overly simplistic solutions yielding ineffective results and no lasting results. 

As President of Families United Action Network, our goal is to make a positive difference in the everyday lives of families in crisis… one family at a time.

Image of Nicholas Dreeszen-FUAN President