Abolish and Replace Iowa CPS
FUAN Recommends the abolishment and replacement of child protective services

When an organization is so broken, so corrupt, and so insensitive to the needs of the people it is tasked with protecting, there's only one thing to do... Abolish it and replace it with something better.

What follows is our specific recommendations on this subject. We'll keep posting a list of resources you'll be able to investigate on your own. Scroll down to see resource updates. 


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Texas Senator Bob Hall talks on Child Protective Services standard practices and daily procedures of criminal activity. (NOTE: The fact that newly appointed Iowa DHS Director, Kelly Kennedy, was recruited straight from this Texas debacle to “lead” Iowa DHS should be concerning to everybody).

“A serial, rapist, murderer with multiple witnesses has more rights than a parent that is simply anonymously charged of letting their child play outside with their shoes off.”

Updated 2020.0225