2016 Family Matters Legislative Summit

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The 2016 Family Matters Legislative Summit was held at the Iowa State Capital Building on Friday, August 19th.

Here is a complete recording of the event for you. Thanks to Mrs Swagg for recording it.

FUAN believes public meetings like this one, are the start of our mission to reform family law in Iowa and around the country.  Our lawmakers need to be made aware of the injustices of the system in place now. More than that however, we need to propose sensible solutions in order for families to be strong, productive and free from the fear of DHS/CPS interference.

FUANs Mission Is To preserve and protect children & families through repairing and rebuilding current structures & organizations, to create a solid foundation for Iowa’s Families now and for generations yet to come.Families United Action Network Mission Statement

Will You Be Part Of the Solution?

The time is right now. We've all heard so many horrific stories about what happens when innocent children end up in the "system". You may know children or families in crisis now. High drama happens all too often in Iowa.

It's not good for kids or their families. It's certainly not good for the future of our state either... You can help make a difference. Every action counts!

Discover what you can do now to make family life in Iowa better.