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If you haven't been affected by a family breakup, you know someone who has been. 

The Purpose of Families United Action Network is to inform and educate you about our primary goal...

A Better life for Children and Families Through Family Law Reform
and the Reform of the Iowa DHS/CPS.

Outdated Laws & Overwhelmed Courts: 
The Root of Decay of Iowa's Core Family Values.

At FUAN. We're working hard to make our mission a reality… 
“To preserve and protect children and families through repairing and rebuilding current structures and organizations, to create a solid foundation for Iowa's Families now and for generations yet to come.”

Join FUAN and Make A Difference In A Child's Life.


When you see injustice do you want to jump into the fray to make it right?

If you are that kind of person, and the unfair, upside-down world of Family Law makes you crazy, join the dedicated people at Families United Action Network.

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Your heart breaks every day.  Either you hear about abuse or divorce from a family member, friend, or a co-worker… Another Family In Crisis.

You pray it's friendly, but all too often the disintegration of a family leads to violence, abuse, kidnapping, alienation,  or much worse. What can an average caring person do to help?

As a FUAN advocate, your tax-deductible donations of money go a long way toward changing outdated laws and bureaucratic regulations.

Please consider a monetary donation to FUAN for Family Law Reform and restructuring of the Iowa DHS/CPS for the kids.

You can show your support in many other ways too. Volunteering your time and talent, writing letters, or simply talking to people about Family Law Reform can help.

Families United Action Group believes we must band together to make a positive difference in the lives of families damaged by divorce or another family tragedy.

Start here. FUAN Times is our free newsletter devoted to keeping you up-to-date on issues relating to building healthy families through family law and DHS reform.