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Yep, it’s a messed up world. A lot of change is needed… now.

Families United Action Network (FUAN) commends and admires anyone stepping up to help create this change in the world.  We need volunteers to make it happen.  Imagine the feelings of satisfaction because you were part of the organization that made change real. Join us today.

Click the ‘Plus Sign’ to see some of the people working for Family Law Reform.
Your name should be here… Join Us… VOLUNTEER. Make sure your voice is heard.

President – Nicholas Dreeszen |

Treasurer – Alexis Buhr |
Secretary – Open to nominations

Committee chair: Linda Mohr |
Co-chair: CJ Abernathy |
Secretary yet to be declared
Chair: Please Volunteer
Co-Chair: Amy Krogan
Secretary: Hildy Straghtiff
Committee Chair: Tom McDermott |
Committee Co-chair: Matthew Hickok |
Committee Secretary: Kelly Jobe Saul |
Committee Chair: Michael Ryan |
Committee Co-Chair: Kyle A. Paskewitz |
Secretary: Needed
Committee chair: Melissa Martin |
Co-chair: undeclared
Secretary: undeclared
Chair: Undeclaired
Co-Chair: Undeclaired
Secretary: Shaun Leistikow
FUAN Treasurer: Alexis Buhr |
Alexis Buhr is also acting as our Fundraising Consultant
Chair: Alexis Buhr |
Co-Chair: Nicholas Dreeszen |
Secretary: Needed
Leadership positions are open at this time.
Please Volunteer.