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October 8, 2016 – Jenny’s Diner 517 N 2nd St Clinton, IA.

It doesn’t have to be an election year for family issues to be one of the conversations of almost every Iowa family dinner table. This year Iowa many children face dangerous crisis. For Example…

  • Water Quality
  • Mental Health Services Shortages; including bed shortages
  • Improper Incarceration
  • Suicide rates at an all-time high in Iowa
  • A battle in education funding
  • Medicaid/Medicare privatization flaws and failures

Isn’t it past time that we go back to our true roots and protect the family!

Families come in all forms, which is ONE more reason why the equality of family and children’s rights as well as their health must be the center conversation to improve in these areas.

Family concerns are at an all-time high, and “high conflict divorces” are continually increasing. The erosion of family structure and protections guaranteed to families by our federal and state Constitution by our current Child Protective Services program is disgraceful.

The recent (and past) deaths of children as well as the sex trafficking rate of the children in foster care is intolerable, as is the forceful removal of children from fit and loving parents!

It’s time that we come at together to create solutions that are truly in the best “interest of the child” by protecting the “best interest of the family.” It is the family, in one form or another, that is best for the child in almost all cases.

We invite you to join us on October 8 at Jenny’s Diner 517 N 2nd St Clinton, IA. for a town-hall forum/open discussion on issues of Family Law Reform.

Hosted by the Iowa Family Preservation Project.

We will be joined by the following co-hosts, supporting hosts, and notable members of the community:

(Point of clarification/disclaimer:
We are grateful for the members of our legislature, congress, and candidates of all levels of government that are expressing support for these issues. Every legislative candidate has been invited for all legislative and congressional races throughout the state of Iowa.

Any listing as a host is not an endorsement nor is it a recommendation for any individual by any organization listed below! It merely shows that they have expressed support for the conversations to continue.

Names listed below fall under the category of notable members of the community who have expressed their support of this event and this conversation (not necessarily agreement of the problems or solutions). This event in no way implies that listed candidates, legislators, and organizations of state departments, and other offices in any way implying agreement or disapproval with recommendations made by each other.

(However, there is agreement that conversations to improve the current Iowa and national family law systems need to lead to immediate action for family preservation and children’s safety.)

It should also be noted that some of these notable community members will not be present at the event, but gave permission to use their name of supporting the peaceful conversations that will hopefully result in productive and compromising solutions.

Iowa Senator Jason Schultz, District 9.

Iowa Senator Charles Schneider, District 22.

Iowa State Representative Norlin Mommsen, District 97.

Iowa State Representative Ruth Ann Gaines, District 32.

Iowa State representative candidate Jeff Myers, district 38

Iowa 2nd District congressional candidate, Dr. Christopher Peters.

Iowa House of Representative candidate district 98, Jeannine EldrenKamp.

Iowa House of Representative candidate district 25, Justin Knight.

Dan Charleston, Sheriff candidate, Polk County Iowa.

ToyA Johnson of Iowa Citizens 4 Justice.

Tom McDeromott of TFRM, The Iowa Fathers Rights Movement.

Iowa Fathers

Leading Women 4 Shared Parenting

Iowa Beating the Drum for Justice

Families United Action Network (FUAN)

Parental Equality Movement of Iowa

Family Court Reform of Iowa and the USA

Merlyn Law of The Sisters of St Francis, Education Committee for the Sisters of St Francis Human Trafficking Committee. Also of of Clinton Co., Iowa

The National Parents Organization

Dillion Wyckoff of the Mason’s Mission Foundation

Thank you to everyone involved in helping to raise awareness on these deeply important family and social issues that affect each and every one of us.

Event Goals:

  • Spread awareness on Iowa and national (and Clinton Co) CPS corruptions, mishaps, and failures. As well as to expose how their failures affect the future relationships of custodial divisions.
  • The front lines of children’s safety; Parents, family, police, CPS, and the Iowa courts.
  • Domestic Violence/disturbances; “The Hard Truths”

Agenda, & Speaker topics:

1:30 PM: Call meeting to order. Representative Norlin Mommson, IFPP Founder Jeannine Eldrenkamp, & FUAN Chief Executive Director, Nicholas Dreeszen

1:33 – 1:40PM: Legislators and candidate introductions and interest and intentions for this meeting and further action.
Lead off by Representative Norlin Mommson and why he introduced last year’s “Shared Parenting Bill”

1:40 – 2:10PM: Public stories of experience, concerns, and solutions.
Lead by Elaine Willey & Dillion Wycoff of the Masson’s Mission Foundation. “How the sheriffs and CPS failed the life of my son, and have shared parenting laws, public service action, and legislative changes could save the life as well as emotional and mental development of countless children”

(Note: 2 to 5 minutes per person in order that everyone might have a chance to say their piece!) (Note: Please schedule time to do a further detailed interview by contacting )

2:10 – 2:25PM: “How bad can it be?” Exposing the corruption of only one county in Iowa, Clinton County. Lead by IFPP Founder, Jeannine EldrenKamp.

2:25 – 2:35PM: “In the best interest of….” Foster care connection to human trafficking and domestic abuse. Lead by Merlyn Law a member of the education committee for the Sisters of St Francis Human Trafficking Committee

2:35 – 2:45PM “Criminal and Mental deniability”

The police officers know the severity of the situation and how the current laws also put their lives in further jeopardy leading to the ignoring of certain laws for public service members “defense.” Lead by Dan Charleston, Sheriff candidate, Polk County Iowa

2:45 – 3PM: Organization of Iowa recommendations.

Lead by representatives of Iowa Family Preservation Project IFPP, Iowa Citizens 4 Justice, Families United Action Network (FUAN), TFRM, Leading Women 4 Shared Parenting, Iowa Beating the Drum for Justice,Iowa Fathers, Asian Latino Coalition, Parental Equality Movement of Iowa, Family Court Reform of Iowa and the USA

3:00 – 3:30PM: Legislative, Bar Association, and DHS/CPS Response and question and answer time.

3:30PM: Adjourn Meeting

Please come early, stay late, or order lunch during the meeting as Jenny’s Diner is preparing a special/discounted menu just for us.

We do not expect to change minds or reach agreement on all of the topics or solutions in one day, but intend on facilitating respectful, peaceful and orderly conversations to increase dialogue on these issues that affect all Iowa families in one way or another so that clear paths to action shall become clear as we work together to hear each others views and experiences.

DHS Meeting – September 16, 2016 – Video

FUANNews & Events, News You Can Use

FUAN presents a recording of a DHS Meeting – September 16, 2016, held in Des Moines Iowa.
The meeting covered discussions about

  • Fixing the Child Abuse Registry,
  • Mental Health Issues,
  • Children in Imminent Danger

These meetings are important because, without meaningful, open discussions about Family Law Reform, nothing will change.

Inform yourself about these important family issues by watching the recording. Then find out how you can help promote Family Law Reform in Iowa and the USA.

Join Families United Action Network. We’re hard at work to fulfill our mission…
To preserve and protect children & families through repairing and rebuilding current structures & organizations, to create a solid foundation for Iowa’s Families now and for generations yet to come. FUAN Mission Statement

2016 Family Matters Legislative Summit

FUANNews & Events

The 2016 Family Matters Legislative Summit was held at the Iowa State Capital Building on Friday, August 19th.

Here is a complete recording of the event for you. Thanks to Mrs Swagg for recording it.

FUAN believes public meetings like this one, are the start of our mission to reform family law in Iowa and around the country.  Our lawmakers need to be made aware of the injustices of the system in place now. More than that however, we need to propose sensible solutions in order for families to be strong, productive and free from the fear of DHS/CPS interference.

FUANs Mission Is To preserve and protect children & families through repairing and rebuilding current structures & organizations, to create a solid foundation for Iowa’s Families now and for generations yet to come.Families United Action Network Mission Statement

Will You Be Part Of the Solution?

The time is right now. We've all heard so many horrific stories about what happens when innocent children end up in the "system". You may know children or families in crisis now. High drama happens all too often in Iowa.

It's not good for kids or their families. It's certainly not good for the future of our state either... You can help make a difference. Every action counts!

Discover what you can do now to make family life in Iowa better.

Family Matters Legislative Summit | This Friday, August 19th

FUANNews & Events, News You Can Use

Iowa state capital

Family Matters Legislative Summit
2:30PM, August 19th, 2016, at the Iowa State Capitol Building — Room 116.

Family matters are at an all time point of concern, with “high conflict divorces” continually increasing, and corruption of our current CPS system rampant. The recent (and past) deaths of children in foster care is intolerable, as is the forceful removal of children from fit and loving parents! It is time we come together to create solutions.

Please join us at 2:30PM August 19th at the Iowa State Capitol Building in Room 116.

This is your chance to voice your concerns and propose solutions to Iowa legislators and other organizations. Your input will help propel legislative changes for the 2017 legislative session. Share this event with everyone you know who is concerned about Iowa’s children.

The KRUE Movement. A Stand for Father’s Rights

FUANNews You Can Use

Listen to Chandler Clough’s passion as he takes a stand on Father’s Rights.
If you know the anguish of missing your kids because of a legal decision,
we know you’ll relate.
Transcript by Chandler Clough
in representation of the people I’m here to deliver this message our purpose for
this stand no matter how small or great regardless of what supporting turnout
Selby is to better the lives of the innocent the children who are too young
to advocate for themselves and should not have to suffer the anguish and
confusion nowhere fall victim to theft of their inalienable right to proper
emotional development we are the people the driving force behind our city’s
economic stability through on his hard work we are your postal service
your plumbers your teachers we are your grocery workers farmers and emergency
response services we are your trades men and women alike we are your voters we
are not criminals or violent offenders we are parents who only see justice
through your actions that all are created equal and the pursuit of
happiness that isn’t out to the responsibility of being a parent should
no longer be a pursuit for the perpetual rulings that have taken place in both
this county and state have been supported by legislation that violates
our Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments habitually through lack of an
opportunity to contest the appropriateness of such orders this
political acceptance has created an unjust long-term outcomes that have
resulted in the deprivation of any interest in liberty or property without
due process
these government actions have greatly affected the happiness of our children
and the safety of our society
the psychological destruction of our communities and social structure has
given us no choice other than to unite in a peaceful demands of the alteration
of both state and local definition and jurisdiction of both domestic violence
and limitations of rights to visitation we demand following the conception of a
child regardless of the production of marriage or not that both parents show
immediately be designated as having the right to equal time unless one parent
can produce without reasonable doubt why these parental rights should be modified
we demand that no one parent be able to deny the opposite of that right and that
any such denial of a child shall be unlawful we demand that both local and
state governments will pursue conviction and reasonable consequence of any such
act only after putting the best interest of the child first we look forward to
hearing your response this is the crew movement a stand for fathers rights and
this message is a message for equal parenting rights for all parents in all
states in all jurisdictions